Monday, November 30, 2009

Sealab 2020: The Singing Whale

Kind of surprised this is the only episode of this show I could track down on YouTube... of course, the Adult Swim "Sequel" series Sealab 2021 is all over the place!

Sealab 2020 - the singing whale


  1. I may be the only one, but I was a huge fan of this show! Sure, some parts of this episode seem dorky and overly earnest…but it has a good heart and nothing but admirable intentions. And the science content beats hell out of anything else you'd get on Saturday morning. It surely didn't deserve the crude derision of the Adult Swim travesty. I was always hoping the parody would at least lead to a DVD reissue of the original -- or the complete series online, which wasn't a possiblity then but would be now -- but we old school fans got nothing. The love is mutual, Williams Street.

  2. I was a huge fan of this show when it was first on myself, RAB! Back in the early days of Cartoon Network, I managed to get ahold of one of the employees there via email, and provided a list of cartoons I wanted to see them air, and Sealab 2020 was one of them! The person I was in touch with apparently had never heard of it!

    We'll have to disagree on the merits of the Adult Swim parody... I kind of enjoyed it myself, but agree it's a shame the original series hasn't made it to DVD yet! A few episodes have shown up here and there on Comcast's On Demand, but I have no idea if Boomerang ever aired it, as they don't carry the channel here.

    Then again, that's kind of one reason I started this blog, to act as kind of an example of what I felt Boomerang should've been like! It's sad when I hear that some of the shows that originated on CN have been moved over to Boomerang, pushing off some of the vintage stuff...