Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Initial "Broadcast Schedule"!

Welcome to Saturday Morning Superstars! Thought you might like to know what to expect here each day for the time being. Here's the daily lineup:

Sundays: Marvel Super-Heroes (1960s)
Mondays: Grab Bag - Shows I can't find many episodes or installments of, or other special features!
Tuesdays: Archie (all variations) or Sabrina (one episode) and the Beatles (two episodes)
Wednesdays: Birdman and the Galaxy Trio (one episode each)
Thursdays: The Arabian Knights and the Three Musketeers (from the Banana Splits Show)
Fridays: Space Ghost and the Herculoids (one episode each)
Saturdays: Valley of the Dinosaurs

Hope you'll enjoy them! Once some of these shows finish their "runs," I'll introduce new cartoons! For example, I'll run out of Galaxy Trio before Birdman (because there were two Birdman and one Galaxy Trio episodes per Birdman show), so I'll put something else in there.

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